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Friday, August 18, 2006

Picket to be placed outside city VEC offices

A Statement has been released by the secretary of the Republican Sinn Fein in Limerick Sean O’Neill in which he outlines his plans to apparently hold a picket outside the offices of the Limerick City VEC over the School bus fiasco.

A Press Release from Sean O’Neill via

A picket is to be placed on the offices of the Limerick
City VEC by Republican Sinn Fein in protest over the committee’s
decision not to allow two young Catholic school children take a
bus to the Villiers School in the north side of the city.

Sean O’Neill from Prospect, the RSF secretary in Limerick
said today that the stand of the VEC on the issue was a national
disgrace and it must be challenged.

“The fact is the VEC has banned two Catholic school children
from what they describe as a Protestant bus,” said Mr. O’Neill.

“The constitution declares that all children of the nation
must be treated equally but this is certainly not the case
when it comes to the Limerick City VEC.

“The Limerick City VEC does not treat all children
equally and we do not have to remind people of the
awful scenes at the Holy Cross school in Belfast
when Catholic children had to run a gauntlet of
Protestant protesters.

“No one wishes to see such scenes again but the
attitude of the Limerick VEC indicates a latent
sectarianism against two Catholic children.

“What about children of parents who do not
profess any religion who attend school? Will
the Limerick VEC lay on a special bus for them?

“As a measure of our protest we will be mounting
a picket on the Limerick VEC when their offices re
open next week.”

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