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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crime Czar calls for Moyross to be handed over

Under direction of the new “Crime Czar” John Fitzgerald, it was announced yesterday that authority for all of Moyross is to be handed over to Limerick city council.

At the moment most of Moyross comes under the city council control but there is a portion that falls under the county council however at a request of Mr. Fitzgerald (right) it looks like the County Council are broadly in favor of the move.

The initiative is to help combat crime in the vast estate which has an unemployment rate at 21%, nearly five times the national average.

Sinn Fein’s local man has welcomed the decision by Limerick county Council to possibly relinquish control of parts of Moyross and hand them over to the city council by saying tonight,

“We(Sinn Fein) would like to take this opportunity to thank Limerick County Council for responding positively to the approach to them from John Fitzgerald and indeed to our approach to the County Council in May with the findings of our survey in relation to this matter that we conducted in the areas concerned. Therefore, Sinn Fein once again calls on the Minister to move with some urgency to resolve this anomalous and bizarre situation by transferring these three estates into the jurisdiction of Limerick City Council. We also wish to reiterate our gratitude to the local residents for their co-operation in the carrying out of the survey. It is the intention of Sinn Fein to do all that we can to pursue this matter to a successful

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