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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Two NI developers get Opera go-ahead.

The Belfast Telepraph is reporting today that two Northern Ireland based property Developers have been given the go ahead to build the much talked about Oprea shopping centre.

From the Telegraph,

The complex will employ 1,200 people once opened and over 500 will be employed during its construction. Mr Sharma, CEO of Regeneration Developments, said: "I am
pleased that the planning authorities have approved the application for the Opera Centre. "Limerick has had its share of difficulties and bad press over the last decade. However, it is clear to anyone who does business there that the city has turned the corner. "Our investment of almost £170m demonstrates our commitment and confidence in what is becoming Ireland's fastest growing city.""While Northern Ireland investors do not traditionally focus on the Republic, and those that do usually invest in Dublin, opportunities like that in Limerick means that investors can still get well ahead of the curve.

"We are happy to fly the flag for Northern Ireland investors in the Republic."
Belfast-based valuer and surveyor Gary McDonnell, who has worked with Regeneration Developments on the project since its inception, said: "We have been working on this project over a period of years and we are very excited now that full planning permission has been granted. "City centre locations of this quality and with this access to a young and growing population are unusual and there is a significant level of interest in the Opera Centre from retailers in Ireland, the UK and Europe."

The article also gives some background as to haw the shopping centre got it’s name, “Opera Centre”.

The Opera Centre has been named in honour of Limerick's Catherine Hayes, a 19th century opera singer of world renown. The singer's home, which is part of the development site, will be refurbished to its original glory and presented to the Limerick Civic Trust to add to the city's heritage offering.

Bock will be interested in that last bit

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