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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Galwey to gangs: "Sit down and resolve"

The Limerick criminal underworld remains top of the agenda for the national papers this weekend with strong reactions and background to the cities ‘warfare’ receiving multiple page coverage,

Limerick natives have been chiming in on the issue. Limerick hurling manager Ritchie Bennis told the Sunday World,

“I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I am fed up of all the bad publicity. We are very patronised by the media- especially Dublin journalists.”

Rugby Hero Mick Galwey who captained Munster, told the paper about his solution to the bloodshed,

“I would call for the people involved in these feuds to sit down and resolve them. The nature of Limerick people is they are very friendly; you would just like to see someone being a mediator and calling for calm and peace.”

Judging by the reaction of Limerick people to numerous mediation volunteers such as Willie O’Dea and John Devane in the past, Mick’s idea is not the answer.

More Limerick people weigh in on the issue in todays Sunday World.

Writing in today’s Sunday Independent, Limerick TD and Minister for Defence told the nation that Limerick is a good place to live,

“No one in Limerick underestimates the challenges our city faces, but neither will we allow the actions of a small number drag Limerick's reputation down with them. Their barbaric actions, and the understandable coverage this receives, are not a fair reflection of daily life in Limerick.

For 99.99 per cent of the population of the city, daily life is as normal, bustling and lively as anywhere in Ireland. For the majority of the people here, Limerick is a good place to live.”
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