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Friday, September 19, 2008

Dell ‘right-hand man’ to visit Limerick plant

The Global head of operations at Dell, Michael Cannon is reported to be planning a visit to the company’s Limerick plant in the near future as the county braces itself for the possible devastating news that the pant is closing.

The news comes this morning a along with reports that Taiwanese contract design manufacturer Wistron Corporation is considering purchasing some of Dells factories around the world which are “up for sale”.

CNN Money reports,
Wistron public relations officer Joyce Chou said quoting the company's Chairman Simon Lin as saying that the company will consider a purchase if the U.S. computer maker makes an offer. She declined to elaborate further.

A person familiar with the situation had told Dow Jones Newswires earlier Friday that Wistron's decision will depend on the location of the factories for sale and whether Dell's offer is attractive.

Dell spokesman Francis Huan declined to comment on the matter only to say: “Dell is constantly looking at its supply chain management to make the process more cost-effective."
Trading Markets also reports the details.

Meanwhile the 3,000 workers at Dells manufacturing plant in Raheen are expecting the visit from Michael Cannon which the Irish Independent has learned will take place in the “very near future”

It’s expected that Mr. Cannon will use the visit to either quash rumours of the plants closure or indeed be the bearer of the bad news. He is responsible for Dell’s manufacturing, procurement and supply chain activities worldwide and has a reputation “for slashing costs and for his enthusiastic embrace of outsourcing”

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