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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bus chase drama - update

More information is emerging tonight on the dramatic bus chase which went down today in dubin.We now understand that 5 gardai were injured in total throughout the chase which lasted for up to an hour.

The driver , a 36 year old form tallagh tried to plow down the General manager of the bus company he worked for as he left the depot to go on his rampage.

It's believed that shots were fired at the fleeing bus at least 3 times during the drama with the red cow roundabout being of of the locations for this.

On numerous occasions the driver while being pursued by up to 18 garda units, drove on the wrong side of the road where he collided with several cars and it was at this point an elderly women was hit while in her car and she died instantly.

It has also been confirmed by the Gardai that spike strips were used to stop the bus but these failed.The suspect then drove to the depot where he stole the bus , crashed it and was taken into custody.

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