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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Job fears grow at Dell plant

Rumour and speculation that Dell could cut near 3,000 jobs in Limerick is spreading like wildfire throughout its workforce this week.

The leader reported this weekend on how it’s been contacted by Dell employees who raided their concerns told of the speculation that was running rife that the future role of the Dell factory in Raheen is in “serious doubt”.

According to them, there are fears that Dell could reduce their Limerick workforce if the company moves its production to another European location with one site in Poland identified as a possible location.

One local employee said,
“It would be a far cheaper workforce and would be easily accessible to the new markets in Russia, the former Eastern European bloc countries and the middle east- there is no way Limerick could compete with this”

A spokeswoman has admitted that the company is seeking to set up a base in Eastern Europe but played down the fears of job losses sayand stressed that the Limerick plant is extremely important to them.

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