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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Willie gets tough with travellers

Residents living near Caisleann na hAbhainn in Castletroy and near the old Dillon’s Garage site have had enough of the travellers that have moved onto land near them.

For a few weeks now traveller families have been living in the green area near the residential homes and are quite frankly, destroying the place.

Residents were so upset this week that they managed to convince local TD and Minister for defence Willie O’Dea go up there and take a look for himself. His reaction was quite similar to that of the residents as he gave his reaction to what he saw to the Limerick leader tonight.

He said,

It is an abuse of the tolerance of the settled community. The place has been left in a horrendous state with people going to the toilet in open view. And the nearby houses have been infested with bluebottles.
He also told how he counted three ’06 cars parked next to the many caravans.

I went up there myself and was asked what i was doing up there.I told them i was
going about my buissness and that maybe they should do the same.
That'll teach em!

It’s thought that over 40 traveller families came down from all parts of the country over the weeks to “visit extended family” in Limerick.

It is also worth noting that the €2M halting site down the road is still not being used.

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