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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Limerick Quick Hits

This and that from here and there..

:: A manhunt is underway for three men who beat the living daylights out of a security guard at a car dealer on the Dock road early Tuesday morning. He is in a stable but serious condition in Limerick regional Hospital.

:: A 14 year old is still recovering in Hospital tonight after he was stabbed in the back in broad daylight on Monday evening. The incident happened on Nicholas Street.

:: There were 7,810 people ‘signing on’ in Limerick in June according to latest CSO figures. 6,025 were in the city. The rest were in the county.

:: Activist Mick Ryan is ranting again. This time he’s angry at the county council for charging people not resident out in the county, more money for grave plots. He claims city folk get charged more for plots.

:: A 3G mast which was proposed to be erected at Villiers school has been refused by the City Council on the grounds of health and property value.

:: JP Mc Manus has given €500,000 to the CARI foundation to help them in their quest to build a sexual therapy centre for sexually abused children on the Ennis Road. Fair play to him.

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