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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

16-year-old was shot accidentally


It is reported today that the 16 year old girl who was shot on Monday morning in Crecora Avenue was shot by accident.

It turns out the girl was one of many at a house party in the avenue and was standing with a group of people outside the front of the premises when some ejit in the group decided to show off by pulling out a semi automatic pistol and began messing with it.

The gun accidentally went off and the bullet hit the girl after it ricocheted off something nearby.The gardai were called but the gun had vanished.

A Garda spokesman explains,

“The girl was hit in the chest by one bullet. We believe that it was a ricochet, and but for that she would have been killed.

It would appear somebody produced a gun. They were messing with the weapon and a shot was fired and it hit something before hitting the girl. It was not as though somebody shot at the girl. They are all friends”

The girl is still in the Regional hospital.

Ah well you know what the they say , what are friends for if they can’t accidentally shoot you , almost killing you, hide the evidence and leave you lying in a hospital bed with a hole in your chest.

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