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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Limerick man barricades himself into Co. Tipp house

It has emerged this morning that the man who has barricaded himself into a house in Roscrea is a native Limerick man.

Gardaí in Co Tipperary evacuated a section of the town after a man, named locally as Jim Hourigan, refused to leave a house on Rosemary Street yesterday afternoon.

The man in his fifties has allegedly doused himself in petrol and was threatening to ignite himself and gas canisters in the two story building.

Former Defence Minister Michael Smith who was at the scene said,

“He seems a gentle enough man. Clearly he has undergone certain pressures in his life which haven’t moved too smoothly. He’s had difficulties from time to time which he’s had to face. But he’s never been aggressive"

A neighbor said,

“He was heading to Limerick in the bus to help his friend with some work. He has a pass because of his disability and travels down to Limerick three or four times a week. He was in great form.”

The situation remains ongoing this morning. Gardai say they are not in a rush to end the siege and continue to negotiate with the disgruntled man.

UPDATE (09.55am) Unconfirmed reports from the scene have suggested that the man may have started the siege because of a threat of eviction from the premises.

UPDATE (11.52am) Gardai have declared a media ban on the situation in Roscrea according to local radio.

UPDATE (12.26pm) There have been no developments but negotiations with the man are understood to be progressing well -RTE

UPDATE (1.23pm)Reports that the man may have started the siege because of a threat of eviction from the premises have been disputed by the landlord.

UPDATE (7.03pm)The man has said he was sexually abused while training as a Christian Brother, he has instigated civil proceedings and is seeking compensation and In a statement, the man said he had taken the action in order to bring attention to his situation.

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