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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bus Éireann drivers hold up Henry Street

In impromptu Bus Éireann driver strike brought traffic on Henry Street to a grinding halt for up to 20 minutes yesterday.

It seemed to have centred on a Bus being operated by private firm JJ Kavanagh & Sons doing a run from Dunnes Harvey’s Quay to Shannon Airport. Apparently the Bus Éireann drivers weren’t to happy about a private company taking then run and they say that this private firm does not have the proper licence to operate the route. They say their jobs are at risk.

So around lunchtime up to 30 Bus Éireann drivers walked out onto Henry Street ,on front of the private bus and walked on front of it slowing all the traffic down.The bus ended up pulling in on Sarsfield Street where the drivers still stood on front of the bus.The coach driver even claimed that he was spat at during the protest.

Bus owner Paul Kavanagh said,

"There is no direct service between Limerick City and Shannon Airport so there is no one else competing on this service."

Bus Éireann apologised to customers who were affected by the action but said they had to highlight the issue and had no option but to go down this route.

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