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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tim O Malley speaks out against travellers

Another public figure has spoken out against the travellers who have set up base out in Castletroy.

Junior Health Minister, Tim O Malley is the latest to lash out against the visiting member of the community saying they have set up illegally in the Limerick suburb.

“They cannot abuse people in this fashion and then wonder why their appearance is treated with groans of despair in every town and village in Ireland. Nor can the state go on much longer sitting back while the kind of health threat that arises from hundreds of people urinating and defecating in back yards in the middle of a heat wave”

The Limerick Independent newspaper spoke to one local resident who told them that people from the camp were urinating in the neighbour’s garden.

Mr O Malley said he would be raising the issue at government level in the future.

A local business has even had customers afraid to park their cars in the car park as it is near the site.

A court date to deal with the problem is scheduled for August 8th.

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