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Saturday, July 29, 2006

"The place has become like an open sewer"

As more travellers continue to arrive out in Castletroy , Cllr Kieran O’ Hanlon is the latest to speak out against them and the way they are treating the land they are on.

The city councillor is demanding the Gardai in Limerick use every resource available to them to move the pests out of the Castletroy area.

Mr. O’ Hanlon told this week how residents in the vicinity are living in fear since the travellers moved in,

“Some of them have told me they cannot sleep at night because of the noise and are even afraid to go to work. They feel threatened. The place has become like an open sewer.”

He is now demanding that the law be enforced. But that could take a while…The Gardai have insisted that nothing can be done until the District Court rolls into town which is some time in August.

So the term Grin and bear comes to mind.

Willie O' Dea also visited the site during the week.

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