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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Catholic children get a bus pass

Keeping the Gleeson’s quiet?

With the threat of legal action and national media coverage of the situation,it looks like Villiers School management had no choice but to go against everything they have been saying the last few weeks in relation to the school bus pass fiasco.The Gleeson family have said that they have received a bus pass for there children in the post.

John Devane, solicitor for the family has said that they are happy with the development and feel that the family have been vindicated.

The brother and sister were refused travel on a VEC school bus which passes by their door because they're catholic.

Villiers had previously stated,

Villiers School is a school under Protestant management and only children of Protestant denominations have an entitlement to transport on the special Adare Villiers bus serviceAccess is based on entitlement and since Villiers is the only Protestant post primary school in Limerick, Protestant children are entitled to exclusive use of the bus”

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