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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Arson attack – Gardai get another 24hrs to question teens

A few bits of information to pass along at this time in relation to the Pineview Gardens Arson Attack last on Sunday.

A Garda Chief Superintendent has applied and been granted a 24hr extension to question the two 17 year olds who were arrested in connection with the attack.The two must now be charged or released by Thursday night.

Also, Solicitor John Devane has said he is willing to act as an intermediary between all involved parties in Moyross to see if the “Spiralling situation” as he puts it, can be resolved. He says he is the right candidate for this as he represents so many of them anyway.

More on this from the Independant:

"The Garda Siochana, the jail system and the courts are all failing at the moment in Limerick. If an intervention is not made soon, I believe someone will be killed," he said.

"I am not looking to have charges or prosecution cases dropped or the law obstructed. However, I have represented all of these people at some stage or another and I believe there is no better representative than myself to interview the warring gangs." Mr Devane is no stranger to the spotlight.

In July, he declared he will run in next year's General Election as an independent candidate for the Limerick East constituency.

He has already clashed with Justice Minister Michael McDowell over the 'slopping out' class action suit, representing over 900 prisoners who are suing the State for having to slop out their own cells. and has begun legal proceedings against the State for prisoners who claim their health is suffering from inmates smoking in Irish jails.

The solicitor has been involved in 15 murder trials in Limerick and has acted for members of feuding criminal gangs in the city.

"These young fellas have to come to realise where does this madness stop? I want to sit down with one or two at a time and talk sensibly to resolve all these feuds. They don't think there are enough rooms in jail for them, but there are," he said.

Meanwhile it has emerged that one of the two children injured in the attack, 6 year old Millie Murray, has been taken out of intensive care.

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