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Friday, September 08, 2006

Terry Wogan speaks on Limerick

Terry wogan has told limerick people to stand up and be proud in an article in the Irish independent today.

Limerick born Wogan also said that he would “take on all-comers who sought to denigrate his native city” which he said had given him a unique sense of identity.

In the article in which he talks about his new book he was asked what made Limerick so special to him. He replied by saying that it was the character of the people best seen in the Thomand Park spirit. "You never give up, you never say die and you are never beaten: you are prepared to have a laugh and when the game is over you shake hands."

More quotes from the Limerick Leader:

"My message to Limerick is: 'have a lot of confidence - get on with it.' If Limerick's estimate of itself is strong, then in a very, very, short time the rest of Ireland and the world will take Limerick at its own valuation,"

"Limerick never left me, whatever it is, my identity is Limerick. I am so pleased that I am from Limerick - I am grateful that I grew up in a small town where I had a sense of my own identity, it was a lovely place to grow up in

Read the Irish independent article here
Read the Limerick Leader article here

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