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Friday, September 08, 2006

Well known personalities caught in carpark fling

The Irish Examiner is reporting that two well-known Limerick personalities have been captured on CCTV in a steamy embrace on the grounds of the Crescent Shopping Centre out in Raheen.

The article by Jimmy Woulfe:

TWO well-known public figures in Limerick have been caught on camera in a steamy late-night tryst in a city car park. The illicit affair was captured on CCTV near Limerick’s Crescent Shopping Centre and the adjoining county council headquarters. The couple, who are both in their 40s and married, arrived in the car park in separate cars. The woman, clearly identifiable, joined the man in the second car.

The two were then captured in a steamy embrace and in various stages of undress.According to sources not much notice was taken of the couple’s antics when they were initially picked up on the security system as they were not deemed a security risk. However, as it became clear what was unfolding, their actions soon became the focus of attention.

One source said: “When it was realized who they were, the CCTV film was taken away to ensure it did not get into wider circulation. Word is the steamy session captured on the film has now been erased. Both are very well known personalities in the Limerick area and they were clearly identified on the CCTV film.” A phone call was also made to the gentleman to tell him his nocturnal high jinks might be better pursued elsewhere and off camera.

Let the speculation begin..

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