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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Poem written for missing son

In another plea for information regarding her son’s disappearance, the mother of missing Richard “Happy” Kelly has sent the Limerick Post Newspaper a poem that she has written about her son.

Speaking to the paper this week Mary Kelly said:

“It’s now 125 days since I last ‘saw my son and though the gardai are very good and call on me regularly, no sightings of Happy’ have been recorded”

The following is the poem Mary has written and is printed in this weeks paper,

A broken hearted mother
She really is upset
She gazes out the window
For a son she can’t forget
Her eyes are full of sadness
There’s an emptiness inside
She waits in hope each moment
And how often she has cried
It is so hard not knowing
There can be a lot of pain
It would make a wish come true
To have him home again
She will not give up hope now
Each night to God she prays
If she just keeps believing
He will walk in home someday
Where can my precious son be
To me he is so dear
He took my heart away with him
The day he went from home
So son if you are out there
And if you hear my plea
If god will grant a miracle
You will come home to me
There has to be an answer
Oh God please find a way
To show her where her son is
Oh God, make it today

Richard (Happy) Kelly was last seen in the Daly's Cross area on the outskirts of Limerick City on April 24th of this year. He had left his own house in O'Malley Park to baby-sit his then six-month old child at his former girlfriend's house.

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