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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Limerick native killed in plane crash

A plane crash last Sunday in Lexington Kentucky in the United States of America killed 49 people. It has emerged today that one of those was a native Limerick man.

Michael Ryan who was originally from Murroe was on board the CRJ-200 when it crashed while trying to take off Sunday morning. The crash killed all 47 passengers and two of the three crew members onboard. The plane's first officer survived, but with critical injuries

The plane exploded on impact in a field roughly 1 mile from the airport, with the flames likely causing many of the deaths.

The parish priest of Murroe, Fr Tom Ryan, said,

“We were all shocked at hearing the news that Michael was killed in the crash. When something like this happens so far away, you never think that somebody from Murroe could be involved.”

It is now suspected that the plane took off from the wrong, shorter runway at the airport. The plane struggled to get airborne and crashed.

It’s also said the air traffic controller in the tower at the time of the crash turned his back on the plane after clearing it for takeoff.

List of Passangers and Flight Staff Lost In The Tragedy

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