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Friday, September 01, 2006

Top Garda speaks about gang violence

Supt Frank O’Brien form Roxboro Garda station has spoken on the recent spate of feud related shootings and happening lately.

On the heels of almost 20 shooting incidents, courtroom bust-ups and other feud related crimes Supt Frank O’Brien spoke about how a serious loss of life possible,

"Unfortunately there will be serious loss of life when you have the discharge of firearms. I would appeal to those involved to see sense.

It is most unfortunate that we have had no loss of life in recent weeks. The same old burning enmities are smoldering and we get a gust from time to time when it blasts open. We are determined to deal with this feud and this outbreak of violence amongst those involved in the feud.

I would appeal to those involved to stop before it ends up in further loss of life and suffering. There can only be suffering and misery on all sides. Is this what they want? I appeal to them to see sense”

On how the recent violence is affecting Garda work he said,

“It is deflecting us from more focused policing issues such as public order, burglaries and other crime”

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