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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Reports of Child Prostitution in Limerick city

Limerick: Vice city?

A disturbing story is emerging this week in which it is claimed that children as young as 14 are engaging in forced prostitution in the city centre.

First reported by the Sunday World(right) and then by the Limerick Leader and Irish Examiner, a Sunday world reporter has alleged he was offered sex with two underage teens for €120 while he was in the Davis St / Glenthworth street area.

Gardai have confirmed that they are investigating claims children of Eastern European origin are being forced into the sex trade by their parents in the city.

The Limerick leader published a claim by a local in the area who says that he was driving along Perry Street late at night and pulled over to answer his phone. He then claims a young girl approached the car, asked for a light and then propositioned him.

Speaking on the latest developments Cllr Jim Long who represents Ward 4 said,

“Local residents have indicated to me that they suspect that young girls were offering services. One particular young girl has been seen getting into different cars between 10pm and 11.40pm at night.”
This year three women have already been prosecuted and convicted of prostitution offences in Limerick.

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