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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Article claims missing teen shot and buried secretly

An article in today’s Sunday Independent has claimed that missing Limerick teenager Richard ‘happy’ Kelly was shot dead and buried secretly.

The Article which also gives an in depth look in the latest goings on in Limericks Gand feuds says the following;

The other young gang victim who was murdered was Richard 'Happy' Kelly, also 19, who disappeared on May 27. It is believed he was shot dead and buried secretly. A week before Fat Frankie's murder, Gardai and soldiers were searching and digging up farmland on the outskirts of the city trying to recover his body. Happy Kelly's murder was the result of his obsession with stealing cars. He had convictions for stealing around 160 cars. One of the last he stole belonged to one of the Limerick gangs' chief "enforcers". There were guns and drugs in the boot. Kelly was ordered to leave the car back, and did so, intact. However, in merciless fashion, the gang then tracked him down and murdered him, ignoring his family's pleas to reveal the whereabouts of his grave.
Richard Kelly has been missing since April and Gardai have conceded not long ago that he may have met a violent death.

The same article also claims that if Limerick city suffers another Gangland killing this year then it would earn the title of Western Europe's murder capital ,due to the number of killings in proportion to its population.
Read the Full Independent Article Here

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