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Monday, September 18, 2006

Dell’s Limerick boss moving to Poland

As Dell continue to reassure Limerick employees that their jobs are not at risk, they’ve only gone and moved the head of the Limerick plant out to Poland to manage it's new Polish plant located in Lodz.

Dell made the announcement today that they are to invest €200m into the new European plant which will create over 1,000 jobs.

Sean Corkery, who is the Vice President of manufacturing at the Raheen plant, will move to Poland along with what Dell describes as “Over 60 experienced people from Limerick”.

A Reuters Article has the following:

Polish officials say the new factory could be worth around 10,000 new jobs to Lodz, Poland's second largest city and an unemployment black spot.

At 16 percent, Poland has the EU's highest jobless rate and has fallen short of its neighbors in attracting foreign investment, hurt by an unwieldy state which has seen it sink in the World Bank's ease of doing business rankings.

But the country's economy churns out 40 percent of the total gross domestic product of the 10 mostly ex-communist states who joined the European Union in 2004, making it the region's key market and a launch pad for investment further east.

Industry estimates suggest the Polish computer market was worth around $5.35 billion last year. Dell currently employs just 100 people in marketing, sales and customer support in Warsaw.

The Lodz plant will open in autumn 2007.

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