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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Little Britain sketch refers to Limerick as “Shithole"

The Leader reports tonight that during a recent Little Britain stage show, David Williams referred to Limerick City as “a shithole”.

It happened during a scene where David Williams (right) who plays an odd Travel agent named Carol Beer, tries to sell a woman and her sick child a trip to Limerick but quickly persuades the mother not to take the trip saying, “No , it’s a shithole ain’t it”

The line did receive a few laughs a the show but some people aren’t laughing here.

The Communications Executive of the Limerick Co-Ordination office reacted today saying,

“The script writers of Little Britain have obviously never been to Limerick or else they would not have written this line.”
So was it just harmless fun in the same way Little Britain make fun of Gay people, Overweight people, elderly and disabled, Or was it something else.

The show was held at the Oydssey the last 3 nights the 24th 25th 26th.

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