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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Families agree to move in to €2m complex

11 months after it was completed, a €2million halting site located in Castletroy has finally been filled.

The O'Reilly, McCarthy and Ryan Traveler families had refused to move in because the new facility does not have stables for the horses which the families own. The families felt they were being denied their culture and were not having their rights respected.This week however the families agreed to move in.

Spokeswoman for the families said,
“Horses are hugely important to the families there and they wanted to have proper stabling to care for the horses.”

On hearing the news, senior executive officer with Limerick County Council’s housing department, Mary Fogarty said,
“We have made it clear we would not be providing stabling accommodation for horses, but we agreed to build a small hard stand where they can tackle up their horses”

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