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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Insight: A Global Comparison

Is it just me or is Southill a lot like Burma.

During the recent events in Burma the world was able to see what was happening in the reclusive state thanks to heroic bloggers and youtubers. Not like the 1988 student uprising when hundreds were massacred, this time the world was able to peer behind the secretive cloak, exposing what was really going on – from an on the ground perspective.

Well great news, this practice is being repeated in our very own little reclusive Southill (ruled by a drug dealing junta this time).Videos are emerging on a very regular basis such as the on above; clips which allow us to really see what the residents truly have to put up with on a daily basis.

Now, the unprecedented video leaks in Burma may have prompted the international community to respond more quickly to the crisis because it was clear to see what was going on… but I just don’t see the same happening for Southill. Then again there is that whole regeneration malarkey happening now.

On the other hand, one might look at it this way. The leaking of videos by the burma people showing troops cracking down on protesters is a way of crying for international help but the videos on YouTube showing burning cars and joyriding in Southill is clearly just for glorification reasons.

Made me think anyway.

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