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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

McCabe killer due out in May

Reports today say one of the killers of Limerick Detective Garda Gerry McCabe is due to be released form prison in May, a move which would see him possibly released on near the General Election.

Michael O'Neill (left) will be a free man on May 17th after serving eight years out of an 11-year sentence for manslaughter.

The IRA member has a legal entitlement to remission for good behaviour.

Prisoners in Ireland have a legal right to remission of one-quarter of their sentence, dependant on their behaviour while in prison.

In O’Neill’s case, it means he must serve only eight years of his 11-year sentence, and provided he does not come to the prison authorities’ attention in the coming
weeks, will be released on May 17.

O’Neill is not the first person convicted in relation to the robbery to be released. A fifth man, John Quinn, received a six-year sentence for conspiring with others to commit robbery, and was released with remission in 2003.

However, O’Neill will be the first of the four killers to be freed.

Via Examiner
Det Garda McCabe was shot dead during an attempted robbery outside an Adare post office, in Co Limerick in June 1996.

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