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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Limerick criminal out of jail next week: Report

A notorious and feared Limerick criminal is to be freed form a London jail this week according to today’s News of the World.

Hyde road native Kenneth Dundon was jailed for 6 years for manslaughter last September however taking into account he was arrested in 2004 and parole, the paper suggests he is due out next week.

The 48-year-old was jailed for stabbing a love rival in the head, killing him, in the Hemsworth area of London in 2003.Now Gardai in Limerick are said to be on red alert as they fear once he is free, he will come straight home.

A ‘Garda source’ told the Sunday tabloid,

“He’s a nasty piece of work and we have no doubt that he’ll get back to his old
tricks. A leopard doesn’t change his spots, so we’ll be monitoring him

Mr. Dundons lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano told the paper that his client will be out of jail in the next few days to do “whatever he is interested in”.

He was arrested by Gardai in Limerick back in 2004 due to a European bench warrant being issued for him in relation to the incident. He was extradited from Ireland to the UK.

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