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Thursday, March 01, 2007

City Beggers are just ‘making handy money’

Limerick city has seen a substantial rise in the number of foreign nationals coming to the city to beg and take advantage of people's good will, it has been reported today.

Gardai have advised citizens today not to give money to beggers in the city saying they often have permanent addresses in Dublin and are very often far from poverty stricken.

Sgt Liam Sheehan spoke today to Live95FM saying,

“If you have hassle from any of these people, call Henry Street straight away and someone will go down and hopefully deal with them. I would ask people not to be giving these people money as it is only making the matter worse and the problem will always be there if people continue to hand out money to these individuals.

They are clearly doing this for the purpose of making handy money and not because they are in any dire straits or anything like that.”
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