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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dell workers react over severance package - Banta workers warned

As the news sinks in around Limerick tonight of the major job cuts at Dell, loyal and hard working employees of the company are reacting angrily in particular to the redundancy package which is being offered, with many believing it is not a sufficient package for years and years of service.
“Each employee will receive 6 weeks wages for every year of service, but the maximum allowable is 52 weeks.

Maximum settlements of between 18,500 euro and 25,000 euro will be paid to anyone who worked 8 years or more.”
It has been reported through-out the day that redundancy package is based on a basic Dell salary and doesn’t include shift work and overtime.

Speaking on RTE news tonight Sean Corkery, Dell’s vice-president of operations in Europe, said consultations are still underway in regards the redundancy packages.

Banta workers told their jobs are on the line.

Workers at a company that works hand in hand with Dell in the Raheen Industrial Estate have been told today that their jobs are on the line.

Workers at Banta Global Turnkey were reportedly given the news just hours after Dell announced its job cuts

One Banta employee told national broadcaster TV3,
“We just heard that we were going as well, because of Dell but it will take a couple of months to go. There are different lines going because of Dell.”

Banta, known as RR Donnelly, has yet to make any official comment on the matter.

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