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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Burger King banner causes a stir

A giant banner measuring 20 feet in length and three stories in height is grabbing all the headlines in the local papers this week.

Burger King has erected the promotional banner to advertise new ice cream products. However the city planners are not happy and have now threatened to serve a court order to have it removed. They say it’s illegal and that a poster of that size requires planning permission and none has been granted in this case.

Burger King has refused to comment on the story and when the council looked for the name of the manager of the store, the premises denied their request.

The council says that if they can’t get the name of a manager then they will have to get an enforcement letter from the courts. Large fines could be on the way for the restaurant.

Ridicules no?

(The felonious banner in question)

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