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Friday, July 07, 2006

City Solicitor announces TD bid

John Devane has announced his intention to run in the next general election as an independent, the limerick leader reports this weekend.

The city lawyer who represents many a scumbag said that his family are more than 100% behind him in his quest to become a TD.

Speaking to the LL this weekend he said,
I would rather run for the General Election myself and try to change the present government rather than leave them destroy the country. As an independent I would expect to take votes from Fianna Fail, where some of their voters have already promised me there support, and the PDs.

He goes on to list all the cock-ups the government have inflicted on the irish people ranging from the e-voting scandal to the recent Mr. A case.

“I am now putting my team together for the upcoming election and my campaign has begun” .

Reaction to this announcement should be interesting to say the least. If he did become a TD then he wouldn’t be able to practice as a lawyer, would that be a good or a bad thing we wonder?

Read the full article on the Limerick Leader City Edition.

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