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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hotel managers refuse to give evidence

Reports suggest tonight that the managers of a hostel which was burned down, killing a limerick woman have refused to give evidence at an inquest set up on the incident.

A coroner’s inquest is hearing evidence this week to determine if charges can be brought against the owners of the Australian hostel. The pair claimed privilege on the grounds they could incriminate themselves.

They are watching proceedings from the public gallery.

The lawyer for the families of the backpackers who died in the fire, Mitchell Brown, says he is disappointed he will not get to cross-examine the two men.

"I definitely had some questions I would have liked to have answered ... to have asked," he said.

Read the background to the story.

Julie O’Keefe from Raheen in Limerick was killed along with 14 others at the hostel six years ago.She was travelling across Australia at the time.

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