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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Two shootings in O’Malley Park

Two shooting incidents occurred in O Malley Park yesterday evening.

In the first case, two masked and armed men arrived at a house in the estate and confronted the person inside claiming they were looking for an individual. He was not there.

A Garda spokesman continues the story,

“They then left and entered a second house close by and asked for the same individual, who was not present at that house either"
So they went back to the first house and proceeded to open fire on it, firing at least three shots in a downstairs window. The occupant inside was unharmed. The two men left the scene in a blue/silver Ford Focus.

That same evening a woman arrived back to her house in a different part of the estate to find her front window had been shot in. Early investigations suggest the assailants may have got the wrong house, according to today’s Independent newspaper.

Gardai are investigating both attacks to see if they are feud related.

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