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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finding a gun in Moyross is like finding a priest in the Vatican

Reacting to the media coverage of the Pat Kenny/Gun fiasco, Pat Kenny has told listeners of his radio programme show that a media fuss over a gun he saw a youth handling Moyross on Monday night was about as newsworthy as a “priest found in the Vatican”.

Speaking on the incident he said,

“I was not surprised to know they [Guns] are there, but surprised at the manner in which I was confronted with a gun.”
The mayor of Limerick, Joe Leddin has hit out at the comments saying he is disappointed that Pat Kenny would say such a thing.

He stated,

"Particularly so since he took the time and effort to come and broadcast his show from Moyross, which we widely welcome. He could see at first hand all the wonderful and positive initiatives ongoing in Moyross. The fact that a person had a gun illegally is a matter of concern and a matter for the Gardaí. Unfortunately that incident highlights another issue, namely the amount of illegal guns not just in Limerick but in the country.”

Councilor John Gilligan said,

“Pat Kenny’s comments that guns are more or less common place in Moyross are untrue and not helpful to the image of the city. It adds to all that nonsense and I believe Pat Kenny should be wise enough when somebody is taking him for a ride and was unwise to broadcast these fellows.I don’t believe what he saw was a real handgun. He was set up and these young lads were winding him up to get cheap publicity. I’m sure they were falling around the place laughing when they heard it on the radio: this fellow coming down from Dublin and winding him up.Pat Kenny should know people don’t walk around Moyross with guns. They are not used as a fashion accessory. They are used to shoot at people and the Gardaí have recovered up to 15 guns in the area in the past few weeks.”
Pat Kenny may still have to be interviewed by Gardai in relation to the incident.

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