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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Limerick Siege man won’t face any charges

The Limerick man who barricaded himself into his Roscrea home in August will not face any charges it became known today.

Gardaí evacuated a section of the town after Jim Hourigan(right) refused to leave the house on Rosemary Street. The man in his fifties allegedly doused himself in petrol and was threatening to ignite himself and gas canisters in the two story building.

He wanted to draw attention to the fact he suffered sexual abuse while training as a Christian Brother. He had become frustrated with the protracted nature of the ongoing legal proceedings and felt compelled to take drastic action.

After he saw his story on the evening news, he knew he had accomplished his goal and left the house without incident.

There has been mixed reactions to the news,

"For God's sake, he caused chaos, made a complete nuisance of himself and he's getting away with it,"

said one Roscrea local , while another said,

"Ah sure, he was a grand chap when he wasn't drinking. He helped a few of his neighbours with odd jobs and the like. He obviously had issues but I'm glad the matter's not going any further"

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