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Saturday, October 14, 2006

And then there's this

After hearing about this story yesterday I immediately thought of a segment on the American News Channel, Fox news entitled “Most ridiculous item of the day”

A near 5 hour bus strike hit Limerick yesterday after 180 drivers walked off the job around 6am.And the reason for the chaos…their handwritten roster list was replaced with a printed one…..Yes you are reading it right.

A spokesman for the striking bus drivers said yesterday,

“We were led to believe that it was just a question of replacing the old, handwritten roster with a printout. But that did not prove to be the case. The printout roster set out the names of the drivers in alphabetical order and this caused problems for the spare drivers.”

It’s the spare drivers who are worried about it the most. Apparently their work schedule is based on filling in for drivers on holidays or on leave

One company sources told the Examiner today,
"The handwritten roster enabled some drivers to cherry-pick their working schedule".So it looks like this can’t be done no more and thats why the spares are angry.

Bus Eireann management were as shocked as the rest of us when they heard the news,
“This is just moving with the times, but drivers seem to have some difficulty with it. There is no difference. The data is the same, their duties are the same, their pay is the same, their work conditions are the same and their work pattern is the same. We are just moving on. This action is ludicrous”.
Ludicrous is just one of the words..

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