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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Teen pulls out gun in front of Pat Kenny

“Put it away before somebody gets hurt.”

They are the words Pat Kenny uttered when confronted with a teen holding a gun in Moyross last night. He started off his show this morning live from Moyross with the story of what happened last night.

“I took a walk last night I started in the Pineview gardens area and within moments I came across three lads dressed in very bulky, hoody type tops. It turns out the bulk was caused by their underware...They were wearing bullet-proof vests.”

It was at this point Pat began chatting to the group asking them about their bullet proof vests when one of the three pulled out a semi automatic pistol. The teen’s friends ask him to put it away and Pat Kenny immediately agrees saying,

“Put it away before somebody gets hurt”

He goes on explaining the story,

“The surprising, even shocking thing for me was that none of the children surrounding me seemed to be remotely phased by the presence of a semi automatic mauser pistol in the hands of what looked like a 16 year old boy.”
Meanwhile the Limerick Leader is reporting tonight that the Government is set to announce a multi-million Euro package for the area in the coming weeks and there is even talk of a Garda station being built there by the Department of Justice.

The paper also reports that The President of Ireland, Mary McAleese was to hold a private meeting with Sheila Murray, the mother of the two children injured in an arson attack last month. That took place this evening.

The Limerick Blogger has posted a litany of Tabloid coverage on the incident with scans from quite a lot of papers

Listen to the full Pat Kenny Show from Moyross HERE
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