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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pit Bull found hanged form marina gate

This is the appalling picture that greeted readers of the Limerick Leader Wednesday. A picture of a Pit bull terrier choked to death after being hanged from a marina lock gate on Tuesday Morning.

The discovery of the body hanging from the gate was made by a passer-by around 10am who immediately phoned the Fire service.

It’s believed the perpetrators of the horrendous act wanted to drown the dog so they tied a weighted bag around its neck and threw it from the riverbank at Arthur’s Quay however the dog landed on the gate and was left to die an agonising death.

The Fire service removed the body of the dog and brought it to a veterinary clinic in Castletroy.

Gardai have revealed that this may have been a feud-related attack but no complaints have been received by them in relation to the murder. The Leader article states that it is well known that ownership of Pit Bull Terriers in suburbs such as Balinacurra Weston is high.

Gardai are of course appealing for any information in relation to the killing and are asking people who know anything to phone them on 061-212400.

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