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Friday, September 29, 2006

A call for a Water Cannon for Limerick

The Examiner reports today that the state solicitor for Limerick has called for a water cannon to be deployed in Limerick to tackle street violence and to disperse gangs that gather to attack the emergency services.

The call was made after a 23 year old man from Crecora Avenue was jailed for three months yesterday after he smashed a window of a Fire engine with a rock when the fire service was dealing wirth a fire one late night in Weston.

Speaking yesterday after the case ,The State solicitor Michael Murray said,

“In recent times we have had petrol bomb attacks on the Gardai in Limerick. Gangs of youths are displaying their antipathy to the Gardai in a very violent fashion. This is a worrying new trend, and it does pose health and safety issues for the Gardaí.

One has to wonder if, in the light of emerging new threats, and the dangers they are facing, if they are adequately equipped. There should be apparatuses such as water cannons to disperse gangs of youths on the rampage.

In one attack, a man shot at uniformed Gardaí in a patrol car. He has been dealt with by the courts. The country is now awash with fire arms and that boundary is now being crossed, with regard to violent attacks on Gardaí — up to now sacrosanct. This is a very worrying trend.”

Below is a photo from the infamous mayday protest in Dublin a few years ago. Is this what he wants to see?

The Garda water cannon moves in

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