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Monday, October 08, 2007

The Topless barmaid of Montpelier

"Basically, the pub business is down all over the country. Everyone is suffering and this is the case here in a big way”

The words of bar owner John Joe Fitzpatrick who runs a bar in Montpelier Co Limerick , as he explains his reasons for employing a barmaid who every Thursday night goes topless behind the bar.

Speaking on the Gerry Ryan show this morning Mr. Fitzpatrick described to a very eager Ryan and studio guests Podge and Rodge, the "bit of crack" that goes on in Browne’s pub every Thursday night saying and I quote:

“We have a barmaid there and she dresses kind of trendy and she goes topless as the night goes on, a young girl maybe about 26 or 27.She wears sometimes a nurse’s outfit.”
The woman known as Jasmin is a local in the area and has managed to dramatically increase the crowd in the local pub in the last few weeks.Im sure thats not all she dramatically increases.

Ryan comes out with a classic query during the discussion, “Who’s in charge of the signal for her to take off her top” to which John Joe replies, “well she does that herself”

No doubt Browne’s pub shall be exceptionally busy this Thursday night.
Gerry Ryan Show Link - (Realplayer) scroll 2hrs and 53 minutes into the show to hear the interview.

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