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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Gardai probe latest shooting attack

Fresh shooting attack as families blame Dublin media over coverage.

Investigations are underway this morning into a shooting attack on a house in the city overnight.

The attack on the house in Hilltop St. Patrick’s Road shortly after midnight is said to be linked to the ongoing feud in the city.

Although the house was badly damaged in the attack, two female occupants were uninjured. Garda Emergency response units were very quickly on the scene however no one has been arrested in relation to the incident.

Technical examinations are expected to be carried out at the scene later today.

The attack comes on the heels of yet another reported truce/ peace agreement / ceasefire between the rival gangs.

This time it's the The Limerick Post's turn. The newspaper has just published their exclusive,“End in sight to city warfare” article.

The paper reports that a ‘four member group of highly esteemed professional people’ have been coordinating an apparent peace process between the gangs and say they are a ‘heartbeat away’ from signing it.

The article also tells of how the families blame certain elements of ‘the Dublin media’ who they say ‘whip up hysteria’ in their articles covering the feud.

Read that full article here.

Unfortunately the paper didn’t bank on a fresh shooting incident to occur the night before ‘the big exclusive’ is printed.


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