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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A brothel operating from new Limerick flats?

According to a Limerick city councillor, a brothel is operating out of the new apartment blocks in the docklands.

Senator Pat Kennedy made this claim during a session of a city council meeting on the issue of the proposed redevelopment of the limerick docklands.He claims there is serious potential for anti-social behaviour in these new complexes because so many are springing up all over the place without management committees.

He goes on about the residents in the complex's,"There are people there from all over the world,some from Afghanistan.There are some very serious fanatical people there" , adding that there were up to a thousand apartments in this new development but only 20 people there were on the register of electors.

He claims that a female resident of the complex had two drunk men call to her door asking her if her flat was a brothel.

For more on this article , see tonights limerick leader.

NewsWire commentary >
Senator Pat Kennedy's remarks dosn't make him sound like a Xenophobe at all....hmm
Oh my god..people from Afghanistan of all places!!
give us a break.

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