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Friday, May 12, 2006

Shooting In limerick 'not reported'

According to tonight's Limerick Leader two men were shot at while they were in a car in the northside of the city on Wednesday night.Gardai now believe this could be a clue in the probe into the Shooting of Aidan Kelly that same night.

The people in volved were know to the gardai in Limerick but it's thought they did not suffer any major injuries. The incident happened around 6.30pm that evening.

The Limerick leader reports that it may be linked to a city drugs gang who are trying to extend there operation to the northside of the city.Gardai believe a violent turf war may break out.

In relation to the Aidan Kelly murder, it has been revealed that he had only recently applied to Limerick City council for a house in Cliona Park for him and his 8 months pregnant girlfriend.

It is understood that once the post-mortem is finished, a murder investigation will be launched.

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