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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Crime czar for Moyross area

Justice Minister Michael McDowell has announced that the Government is to appoint a crime czar for the Moyross area.

Speaking while on a vist to the area yesterday Mc Dowell said,
“Next week the Taoiseach and I will bring to Cabinet a proposal for the appointment of a figure of national stature whose function it will be to ensure that the elaborate set of initiatives which are at play in Moyross are coordinated and that obstacles are removed in relation to making progress in relation to all of the programmes ongoing there.

Our feeling is this: that very considerable resources from within the community and from within the Government are available there. What is needed is that we ensure that obstacles which sometimes appear when a number of different agencies are working on the ground are swept aside and that we get the maximum impact from the resource that the community is putting in to help themselves and which the Government is putting in to help them have the maximum impact.”
He also announced that the CCTV cameras in Moyross will have a €200,000 upgrade.

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