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Friday, October 20, 2006

Raheen area covered in blanket of cement sediment after incident

The Environmental Protection Agency is investigating an incident at the Irish cement factory late last night which left a large area of Raheen and Mungret covered in a very light layer of cement sediment.

Apparently overnight, a hole developed in one of the coolers at the plant which resulted in the discharge of a cloud of cement which landed on everywhere around the Raheen and Mungret Areas.

The Factory as seen on Google Earth

When people got into there cars this morning they found what looked like a layer of frost on their windscreens, or so they thought. Over a hundred cars were said to be effected according to Live95FM.

As a result the factory offered to pay for a wash of any car that had been effected by the cloud at a petrol station on the dock road today. Local radio reported that a large Queue had gathered at the petrol station throughout the day.

The Health Service Executive is also investigating the incident.

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