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Monday, December 18, 2006

Homeowners flee as estates deteriorate says Election candidate

Sinn Fein’s Maurice Quinlivan has said today that he is concerned at the “continued rapid deterioration in some of our City estates”

Mr. Quinlivan(right) stated that significant numbers of residents are simply upping sticks and moving out and more are planning to follow.

He says it’s due to the high levels of crime, intimidation, stress and drug dealing,

“Many of these homeowners are left with houses that are now virtually worthless and people feel they have no alternative but to leave. The explosion in drug use and its associated crime is forcing many decent especially elderly families out. Many are trapped as they own their own homes and can’t sell them or afford to purchase or rent a house in a safer part of the City. This is a truly appalling scenario.”

The General Election candidate says the State and councils need to intervene to stop “drug fueled crime”,

“The City council must assume a duty of care towards these residents and help them find alternative accommodation as a priority. Whilst a longer term fix will require the state to deploy the resources necessary to defeat this criminality in our City, these people need somewhere to live in safety. It is incumbent on the state to ensure our housing estates are safe places to live in.

What we need and are sadly lacking is a proper co-ordinated response to the drug crisis. Drugs are at the root of all these problems. Many people who abhor drug taking and drug dealing are now unfortunately the victims of its consequences. We need to act immediately as this situation will only further worsen.”

Mr. Quinlivan was good enough also to send on a few photos of the situation in Keyes Park, just an example of what good people have to put up with everyday.

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