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Monday, December 04, 2006

What do we want?..Bebo out!

When do we want it!....between 9am – 6pm because I have loads of college work…

Bebo- a social networking craze with millions of members all round the world. Urban dictionary describes Bebo as,

Myspace's biggest rival. Currently very popular amongst college students in Ireland for some strange reason.
Used in a sentence: OMG a bebo whiteboard! Let's a draw a dick on it!

Some students of the University of Limerick however have won a battle to ban the bebo website from all UL computers between 9am and 6pm everyday. It seems the more diligent students cannot find a free computer to complete college work due to the amount of people hogging them for personal uses, Bebo being the main culprit.

Student union spokeswoman Deirdre O’Shaughnessy told today’s Examiner,
“The idea behind the new policy move is to allow students who have assignments and important projects access to computers ahead of those who are using them for purely recreational purposes. The policy change does not advocate banning Bebo from all university buildings. It actually advocates Bebo free zones between 9am and 6pm every day to allow for coursework rather than a total ban”
The vote which was conducted by class representatives was said to be very close. The college estimated that nearly 1/4 students in the library at any one time, are using the computers for Bebo.

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