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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bravado Bravado Bravado!

Da Gangsta Shit continues in Limerick

A sombre and almost bewildered looking Garda Superintendant John Kerin faced the media today and in a red faced statement told how armed Gardai from The states Emergency Response Unit along with local armed and uniformed Gardai were just yards from the scene of the fatal shooting of 25 year old Gareth Grant last night.

“It certainly shows quite an amount of bravado” he stumbled as it became clear that he himself just like the rest of us couldn’t understand how someone can be shot twice in the presence of a police force supposedly in the middle of a ‘crackdown on violent crime’

The ‘elite’ Garda unit had been carrying out a checkpoint on the top of the same street in which Grant was gunned down. He was shot at close range once in the head and once to his left chest.

(Garda Superintendant John Kerin )

Although Gardai were aware of Gareth Grant in the past he was not major player in the whole gang crime 'assemblage' if you will, making the establishment of a motive just that bit more difficult; an early motive sights a local dispute as a possible reason for the killing.Known or not, three kids have no father tonight.

The man arrested by Gardai in connection with the murder however, is a well known figure to the force. The 20 year old was arrested within an hour of the shooting hiding out in a house close by. He didn’t resist arrest.

Now there’s talk of the Army getting involved again. Great… more boys with toys on our streets. Whatever the knee jerk reaction this minister calls for, one thing is clear, tit for tat retaliation is guaranteed, more people will suffer.

Look up bravado in the dictionary and one will see the following definition:

Middle French bravade & Old Spanish bravata, from Old Italian bravata, from bravare to challenge, show off, from brav. pretense of bravery….

Bravery? dont make me laugh.

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